Community Management Team

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pictures from 3/19 CMT Mtg

The Community Management Team met on 3/26th at the Summit at Morrison auditorium.  Partner Spotlights were presented by NAMI NH and the Jesse Lewis Choose Love program for Social Emotional Learning.

Community Management Team Mission Statement

“The System of Care Community Management Team is a diverse group of dedicated individuals working in collaboration with area organizations toward a common goal of ensuring that the social, emotional, physical and safety needs of all children and youth in the White Mountains Regional community are addressed sustainably.”

One of our first objectives is to identify a community of stakeholders that will work to identify goals, based on youth and family needs. The Community Management Team (CMT), along with those they deem appropriate for this work within their organization, have been identified as integral members of this team. Our meetings are a great opportunity to interface with those who work in the direct path of supporting youth and families' behavioral health and wellness with our community and begin our shared discussion.

Initially we hope to outline our grant components, including our high fidelity FAST (Families and Systems Together) Forward services, including the process for both referral and eligibility. Additionally we hope to begin work on a shared mission and vision, among all school and community partners, and create a community work plan that will best support the needs of our students and their families in the most culturally linguistic manner.

It is our hope that we may increase community services and supports to families and youth in need, develop effective and best practices that ease the burden on both families and providers, with the goal of keeping children in their homes, schools and communities, while embarking on a path of wellness for all.

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