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About the Grant...

White Mountains Regional School District (SAU #36) is a recent recipient of the NH System of Care (SoC) FAST Forward 2020 Grant. This is a four year grant awarded from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) which will support the expansion and sustainability of a state level system of care for children, youth and their families.  This grant is administered through the New Hampshire Department of Education by the Office of Student Wellness.  This an exciting time for the White Mountains Regional School District community, paving the way towards behavioral health and wellness for all students in the district.

The project is two-fold: 1) provision of high fidelity wraparound services for those students with greatest behavioral health needs and 2) creation of comprehensive and sustainable systems of care requiring stronger working partnerships between community entities and agencies.   The systems of care includes a cross section of providers and community partners who have direct impact on children’s, youths’ and families’ behavioral health.   These partners may be families, schools, mental health agencies, primary care physicians, Easters Seals, Department of Health Human Services, social and juvenile services, and others. The acronym ‘FAST’ in the grant title stands for ‘Families and Systems Together.’


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